13 April 2013

A Royal Feast In A Bowl

A Regal Palate : Sweet And Sticky Goodness

You dont need to be royalty to feast like a king, because treats like Puding DiRaja (Royal Pudding), once reserved for royal banquets, are increasingly available to the public, thanks to entrepreneurs like Aidy Hayazi Adnan.

He learnt the recipe - consisting of pisang lemak manis (a small sweet banana), prunes, cherries, chasew nut and golden threads (made with egg yolk) drenched with custard - from his wife's late grandmother, who made them for the palace in the 1950s and 60s.

Its palate sweetness is balance with hints of tartness from prune, and there's myraid textures - spongy, chewy, crispy and smooth - in every bite.

Special thanks to Mr Tan and
MAS Megazine - Going Places Jan 2013

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